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Originally Posted by fred flintstone View Post
I have looked but cannot find any info as to whether bikes which see pump failures are mainly

a) modified with exhaust FMF, airbox etc. and so running a great deal more fuel

b) run the tank dry often, or at least low

c) ridden mostly very hard and/or heavily loaded

d) all of the above.

Reason I am asking is I was wondering if a bike had no major engine mods, rider wasn't really beating the bike up much, never runs the tank dry, would they have zero chance of failure or 1/2 or what? It may be that the pump capacity is very near its limit on a WOT stock engine, and when pushed via mods or excess heat or thrashing whatever, it pukes. Not making excuses it just seems no one has come up with the failure modes and probable causes from my reading up on it. Has not happened to my 08 bike yet but I am pretty easy on it, have other bikes for beating up.
d) maybe any or all of the above instead?

how many bikes that don't meet one or more of these causes have failed? i think the poster is onto something. yamaha builds some of the highest quality bikes out there and the biggest variables are the riders & locations.
disclaimer: i do not work for or have any relatives that work for yamaha ....ive just been a rider/fan for 40 years!
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