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Check out High Five's site, and posts on ADV. Should be some info for you.

Originally Posted by mikeysduck View Post
Has anyone installed a 290 cc kit and had the crank balanced? Seems to me this would require adding weight to the crank to off set the heavier piston.

I got to ride a 290 cc kitted bike. It was geared lower than my stock gearing. It was difficult to feel any difference in power due to the lower gearing. I think the stock gearing is just right for any place I ride,

What I did feel was low frequency vibration in the pegs and some in the bars. When I got back on my stock bike, I noticed was how silky smooth the ride is. I like silky smooth!

I don't have to tell you, the faithful, how capable the little bike that could is. My lust for power has been in the back of my mind. I got incentive to follow up after a 50 mi. sprint via slab. It's not normal to long haul slab the little bike, but this is real life. At the end of a long day your looking for the short line back home. The long day read 253 miles on my ODO. The GPS read 230, 250 sounds better! Down shift to 5th and WFO in a heavy cross wind. In my road racers crouch, I had problems passing motorhomes going close to the posted 70 MPH speed limit. The wind gusts would drop my speed 2 to 4 MPH. The kitted WR just walked away. DAMN!

A larger displacement big brother, from Yamaha, would cause my cheap ass to run out and buy a new one ASAP.Hurry up Yamaha before I'm to old to care. I really don't want to get rid of the WR. I like the silky smooth do anything except slab in heavy winds little bike. In the mean time, I started looking for another bike with some cc's. A few extra FT LBS of torque sure wouldn't hurt.
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