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Originally Posted by Mollybro View Post
Here's my situation:

I live in FL. I had a title, but it was lost before I registered the bike, which is a 1981 CB750C. I have tried contacting the previous owners for a Bill of Sale (they moved), but I have a friend that said he'd draw one up for me if they couldn't.

Now, will this VT trick work in my case? What all do I need? Thanks and sorry in advance.
Just in case, run the vin through theirs and Florida system. If you are good there, then yes, you'll be good.

On the Vermont DMV site, they actually have a bill of sale template. This is what I used; I had a similar issue after I bought a bike on a whim and didn't really get a good bill of sale, so, had a friend of mine sign it as the "seller" (this is no different than using broadway title or any other similar company).

Two things; make sure you fill in the correct amount to send (sales tax on the sale OR sales tax for lowest retail value by the book, look it up). And, make sure all the papers are signed in the right spots.

I've had a Vermont tag on a vintage bike for 8 months now, and no issues. I haven't tried to transfer it to Florida, though. Not sure how their DMV system will deal with a bike with a current out of state registration, but no physical "title."
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