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sooo......we up for this? 6 grand each! Buy another bike! Farkle your old bikes! Other tiers too, but they don't make as much.....

Veteran's Challenge, Tier 8

Tier Limits

With maximum number of 5 players per battle, a team (up to a maximum of 6 players per team) must field a selection of tanks based on the below tier limits. Teams are also limited to a maximum total of 32 tier points.
  • Heavy: 8
  • Medium: 8
  • Light: 8
  • TD: 8
  • SPG: 8
Victory Conditions

Only 1 battle will be played for each qualifier round. A Victory will award 3 points. A Draw will award 1 points. A loss will award 0 points.
Draws at the end of the qualifier round will be resolved based on the following criteria (and in the following order):
  1. Number of Victories
  2. Number of Losses
  3. Head to Head
  4. Tiebreaker (TBD by judges)
The winner of each playoff round will be determined as the first to 3 victories, out of 9 battles. If, after 9 battles neither team has achieved 3 victories, both teams will be subject to disqualification. If a draw occurs at the quarter-final stage or later, the judges reserve the right to hold a tiebreaker between the two teams.
Each battle will last 10 minutes.
The encounter battle mode will be used for this tournament.

Note that no more than 640 teams may participate in the Veteran's Challenge Tier 8. Teams will be accepted on a first come, first serve basis, see Registration for details.
The full schedule will be provided at the close of registration (round number will depend on the amount of teams, please be prepared for the rounds to go until at least 09:00 PM PDT on the 16th), once the final team count has been determined. Curious what times these are in your region? Use this handy Time Zone Converter to help you out!
  • Round-robin Qualifier Rounds: November 16th
    • Round 1: 6:00PM PST (9PM EST, 01:00AM UTC the following day)
    • Round 2: 6:20 PM PST (9PM EST, 01:20AM UTC the following day)
    • Final number of rounds TBA at close of registration, up to a maximum of 9 rounds
  • Playoffs & Tiebreakers: November 17th
    • Tiebreakers Rounds: 1:00-3:00PM PST (4:00-6:00PM EST, 07:00-9:00PM UTC)
    • Round 1: 3:30PM PST (6:30PM EST, 09:30PM UTC)
    • Round 2: 5:30PM PST (8:30PM EST, 11:30PM UTC)
    • Round 3: 7:30PM PST (10:30PM EST, 01:30AM UTC the following day)
  • Playoffs & Finals: November 18th
    • Round 4 (Quarter-finals): 2:00PM PST (5:00PM EST, 08:00PM UTC)
    • Round 5 (Semi-finals): 4:00PM PST (7:00PM EST, 10:00PM UTC)
    • Round 6 (Finals & Third Place): 6:00PM PST (9:00PM EST, 12:00AM UTC the following day)
There will be a 10 minute break between qualifier rounds.
There will be a 2 minute break between playoff battles.
There will be a 10 minute break between playoff rounds.

The following prizes are the minimum, this tournament will receive 80% of the overall prize pool. The prize pool will increase based on the peak concurrent users, plus the number of tournament participants (for example: if the peak concurrent users reaches 35,000, and there are 5,000 people participating in all 3 tournaments, the total prize pool for all 3 tournaments will equal $40,000).
Current Total Prize Pool (updated weekly): $30,000
Current Tournament Prize Pool (updated weekly): $24,000
Each team will receive the following:
  • First place: $12,000
  • Second place: $6,000
  • Third place: $4,000
  • Fourth place: $2,000
  • Fifth-Eighth place: 100,000
  • Ninth-Sixteenth place: 50,000

The following maps will be used during the Veteran's Challenge:
  • Round-robin Qualifier Rounds: November 16th - Ruinberg
  • Playoffs & Tiebreakers: November 17th - Ensk
  • Playoffs: November 18th - Siegfried Line


Registration Terms

Registration begins on October 30, 2012 and ends on November 14, 2012 at 3PM PDT (6PM EST, 22:00 UTC).

A team must have at least 5 members to be eligible for participation in the tournament, with a maximum allowed 6 members.

Teams may only include existing clan names/tags in their team name if they are directly affiliated with that clan.
Teams below the minimum or above the maximum will not be accepted into the tournament.
Teams will be accepted on a first come first serve basis. Teams which apply first will be accepted first (note that applying your team for the tournament is different than creating your team). You can find instructions on applying here

Please keep all team names alpha-numeric. Characters such as "?, %, @, ^, etc" may cause issues with your team, and prevent you from being able to participate in the tournament.
Id be in.

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