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I used to have a 1984 Honda xr500. Great bike. Nice plastics. Terrible everything else. I loved that bike though

-Headlight mounting straps were to tight so when i hit a bump they would snap. (3 times)
-Dual carbs were a b**** to get off, easy to clean, then a b**** to get back on.
-Cam chains stretched really easily.
-Pegs sat at a funny angle so riding for very long your feet started to cramp up.
-Front brakes (Hydraulic disc) was fit for a 150 lb like so whenever i tried to stop that monster of a bike they'd heat up and boil the fluid out of the lines.

The jack*** thhat owned my xr before me rebuilt the bike in his garage.... Stripped 3 of the bolts holding the head down, 1 bolt holding the cylinder down and had the engine loosley tightened to the frame. At least pulling the engine out was easy for me
I ride a bullet. A 2 wheeled, multiple-explosion powered machine with enough moving parts to remove entire fingers. Surfaces hot enough to cook flesh. It propels me at neck-breaking, bone-snapping flesh-tearing speeds, over and trough obstacle's I can only see as blurs. Its a sport that kills the careless, maims the best, and spits at the concept of mercy.

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