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Tiger 800/800XC tail/brake light upgrade - GROUP BUY STILL ON!!

This was originally posted in the Tiger 800 thread but demand to market these little goodies had me move over here.


So as much as I like this bike, I have been disappointed with the rear tail/brake light, mainly because it is not as bright as other bikes, specifically most Japanese bikes that use clusters of rear facing diodes. The Tiger uses side facing diodes in the light array which are then reflected rearward to illuminate from behind. Being LED, we cannot increase the brightness so what's a Tiger owner to do?

Here are the markers from behind on an overcast day-

And now the brake lights-

I searched out a waterproof LED array which has a pulse trigger lead (not cheap). Then with a bit more searching, I located the factory wiring plugs and, after a bit of wiring, built this--

The black plugs are a direct match to the Triumph factory plugs, so all that is necessary is to unplug the rear light assembly, insert this in between, and plug them in.

The light is slim and narrow enough and fits just perfectly into the notch above the light assembly and below the rear rack. It is adhered in place with 3M dual side waterproof adhesive.

The light array acts as a tail light just as the original does when it is powered on. When the brakes are applied, the light emits a brief series of pulses and then stays on bright. Let me just say, the brake lights are super bright, even in the sunlight.

Tail lights alone with LED array-

And with the brake lights applied-

Here is a video link to the application of the brakes. It is out of focus due to the flash and brightness of the LED's-

I got a great response from a bunch of inmates , so I'm taking orders for an initial run of at least 15 units. I will do more than 15 but need to be there for a break on the cost of the light assemblies. Cost for this run will be $110 US (there has been a price increase-keep reading) shipped (CONUS) and AK/HI/International will have an added shipping cost. The entire unit is plug/play and has easy install instructions. The light lens is thick polycarbonate in a waterproof aluminum housing. Entire unit only draws .75amps at 12.8vdc. That's for the techies.

Once I have the 15 commitments, I will order the lights which are about 2 weeks out, then give me a week to assemble them and get them all shipped. If I get less than 15 orders, I will still do them providing everyone doesn't mind the price jumping a few $$.

Let's say the lights are for your "adventure riding" as I can't tell you what every local government has to say about it. It is mind-bendingly bright, so short of the 16 year-old behind you texting where the weekend party is, it definitely makes you more visible!

I have started compiling a list of buyers through PM and will post it soon to make sure I haven't missed anyone. Post up or PM with any questions and thanks so much for the support!


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