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I owned one for three years.

It was a very nice bike with fairly decent power. I had the stator go bad on me, which required engine removal and case split to replace...this is, apparently, fairly common on these machines, as I have a friend who had the same thing happen to him and quite a few folks on the VN750 website have reported similar circumstances I should say that in my case, the stator failure was mostly my fault, as I failed to properly maintain the battery or put it on a trickle charger...after I started the trickle charger program and replaced the battery with a good sealed battery, no more problem.

Other than the weak charging system, the bike was pretty flawless for me. Hydraulic valves meant no valve adjustments, shaft drive meant no chain adjustment or belt replacement. The ergos were pretty good and the engine pretty responsive, with about 4500 rpm showing at 75 mph indicated and redline at, I think, 8500 rpm or so BUT the bike really could have used a sixth gear for long freeway slogs. That said, the bike would haul my not insubstantial self down the road at 70-75 mph plus as long as I wanted to go and I had it up to 90+ to pass trucks with no problem. Slow speed handling was good. Handling in the twisties was pretty good, but I found that finding the right tire pressure was particularly critical for this bike for improved handling in the canyons.

All in all, a very good motorcycle which, despite its weird 80's styling, received many very positive reviews by the motorcycle magazines over the years.

I'd buy another one...
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