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Strangely enough I never had a stator fail, in nearly 160,000 miles. You don't have to completely pull the engine to replace the stator, you can unbolt the right side frame section, and the engine mounts, put a jack under the engine, and slide it to the right just far enough to get the left side stator cover off. It's still a time consuming job, but one person can do it. Only problem I had was the automatic cam chain tensioners failed, way back around 15,000 miles, I replaced them with manual tensioners, which are still working fine.

I didn't like the KLR on the highway, it was way less comfortable than the Vulcan for long highway trips. And for off road use it was too big and heavy. So I got another Vulcan 750 and an XT225 for dirt road/off road use.

How comfortable any bike is depends a lot on your height and weight. At 6' 220 with a 34" inseam, I find the Vulcan 750 a perfect fit.

It has cast wheels, tubeless tires, a centerstand, shaft drive, rear air suspension, hydraulic valves, spin on oil filter, liquid cooling, dual carbs, dual plug heads, complete instrumentation, even a reserve lighting device, so if one filament burns out it automatically switches to the other. It also has 4 way hazard flashers and dual horns. I wish they still made them, mine has a lot of miles on it, and isn't going to last forever. Don't know what to replace it with.
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