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Who the hell in marketing says a Monster, 696, 796 or otherwise was a beginner bike? It should be a goddamn law that everyone gets 250cc or less regardless of weight.
I'm glad there's no idiotic cc limit in the US. We already have a million laws that don't keep people safe.
At least motorcycles demand that the people riding them show some modicum of introspection and self control in order to continue with the ability to breed.

If you're 16 and think your first bike should be a 'busa, and you go wfo everywhere, we probably don't need your genes in the gene pool anyway.

Regarding maintenance, it varies from rider to rider as well. If you puttputt around and take er' easy, you can get more miles out of tires. If you're the kind of guy who actually maintains things like your chain and fork seals and whatnot, or you like to fit doodads like a Scott oiler, then you can make it farther on the same gear another guy would ruin in short order on the same machine.
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