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Originally Posted by HickOnACrick View Post
I test rode a used FJR 1300 (about 25K miles) and a new Honda 2010 ST 1300. The ST was by far more comfortable, better throttle response, better wind protection, less vibration at 80-85 mph.
Most comparison tests in the magazines rates these two bikes as six-for-one/half-dozen-for-the other. That doesn't mean any individual rider won't find one or the other much superior, but most riders consider these two bikes as pretty close in the things you mention, perhaps giving the nod to the Honda for comfort and the nod to the FJR for performance/handling. The Honda also has come under heavy criticism at times for high speed handling issues and blistering cockpit heat. The FJR mostly solved its heat problems with the 2006 revision. I thought the ST13 high-speed weave problem was internet legend until I rode two different examples a few years back - both had super-spooky handling above 100 mph. For this reason, I'd never own one.

The fact one bike had 25K and the other was new might have something to do with it too. I rented a 25K-mile FJR one time and found that it has much more vibration than my 20K FJR at home. Otherwise, it seemed the same, but the higher vibration levels really detracted from the ride.

- Mark
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