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Originally Posted by Megadeus View Post
It's going to have a velorex 520 attached to it for dog hauling duty. I won't carry big weight till the mounts are sorted out. The CB is all original but not perfect by any stretch of the imagination. It's a 9 out of 10 for condition. Basically a time machine.
A 9 out of 10 time machine sounds perfect to me. Hacks are a lot of fun, but you should be aware of the consequences.
Just the empty car will be a lot of stress on that bike. A subframe might save the frame from twisting, but the swingarm, forks, steering head, shock mounts, etc. are all likely to get some tweaking. The wheel bearings will take a lot of abuse too.

At the least, I'd save that OEM exhaust and buy a cheapo MAC 4 into 1. Those originals are almost unobtainium nowadays. You could probably sell it to the right person and buy a whole other bike.

Whatever you do, post lots of pics!
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