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Originally Posted by troy safari carpente View Post
FOR ONCE AND FOR ALL... one final time, been posted several times on several differnt places, by several different people here - including Anders Green, myself amongst others - AND IT IS IN THE RULEBOOK...

Tech inspection at DAKAR (or any other rally for that matter) does NOT ratify a vehicle as conforming to the Technical regulations... It is primarily a check of the administrative and saftey/technical aspects of the crew and vehicle to ensure the vehicle is fit to compete... not a confirmation of its technical eligibility. (THIS goes for moto's, quads, trucks etc. as well... for that matter).

Yes, the scrutineers check that the safety equipment are approved, the car is weighed and the various certificates/ log books/homologation documents and tech passport are checked to see that all is in order and the vehicles paperwork conforms with the class for which it is entered.

To say that "the car passed tech... so they can't disqualify me" is an oversimplification of the procedure, effectively used as part of a defence intended to get sympathy/support of the unwashed public on side in an attempt to get the ruling overturned.

You cannot check all vehicles for technical conformity with all of the rules at scrutineering; else you would have closer to 400 vehicles torn down to the cylinder blocks in order to measure cylinder volumes, internal engine components etc. It's lidicrously impossible... and JUST as I saw Anders Green reply to a similar post late last year... THAT is what the purpose of "post-event" scrutineering is for... to check that the winners, place getters (and any protested vehicle) DO conform to the tech elegibilty requirements... Until that point, the oganisers/stewards assume that all vehicles are compliant as presented at scrutineering/documentation.

RG's claim that they had the Hummer "air inflation" tyre system "approved" by the FIA/ASO technical committee prior to the event may well be true... In as much as any team must make an application on the technical passport for such a thing.

But depending on how detailed the Gordon Team were with explaining WHERE THE VACCUUM FOR THE DEFLATION cycle of the system was drawn from (ie. a place in the induction manifold BEHIND the point where the air restrictor is fitted), then the tech stewards may not have been aware of the anomoly with the air restrictor regulation (ie: the exclusive prohibition for ANY air admission connection/bypass on the downward induction side of the restrictor) and when some clever individual pointed this out mid way through last years rally... the tech stewards followed the rule book to the letter... regardless of the practicalities of HOW the tyre inflation/deflation system worked, of whether it admitted extra air or not to the air intake sytem... The fact that there was an air hose connected to the manifold downstream of the restrictor is in contravention of the restrictor regulations (literally speaking) and that's what the excluded him for... and the FFSA dismissed RG's appeal some weeks after the rally... and he was strucken from the results... but still eligible to enter 2013, if he so wishes.

I hope he does... in a competitive vehicle... we will have to wait and see...
That is a good explanation on how scrutenning and technical inspections work!
Sometimes people tend to confuse "media comments" like, "it has no performance gain" and so on. But FIA, FFSA or whatever regulations should only consider the "within te rules" or "out of the rules".
It it has been an intentionally undercovered trick, it is not only an uncompliance but a more serious case (E.g. Toyota case with Celica world rally cars)
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