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Hey Guys,
Check out my latest addition to the PC:

For some time now I have been seeing guys use these ‘Beadrider' seat covers and report being extremely fond of them, especially for longer rides or for use in extreme heat and rain. Popular with the Iron Butt rally folks.

Not unlike the beaded seat covers so popular with taxi cab drivers these provide some additional comfort on a long ride. Because the beads are hollow and elevate you some you do get some air exchange under your hind quarters which would be most welcome in the summer.

When it rains you are about 5/8” elevated and the water can more easily drain away leaving you high and dry. The extra 5/8” feels good and doesn’t hinder my being able to more or less flat foot this bike. The extra seat height is actually welcome as it changes my knee angle slightly and that feels better.

My consideration was that it could be slippery but in fact it actually sinks into the saddle and my riding pants and firmly locks me in place. Very positive and secure feeling. I just finished installing it and did a short test run but will try to fit in a longer ride soon.

A commercially made ‘Beadrider' brand seat cover made specifically for a bike would run you around 45 bucks w/ shipping.

I have under 5 bucks in this homemade mock up to see it I like it. I found a car seat cover this last summer at a garage sale for a couple bucks and had everything I needed to retrofit it. There are DIY plans but basically you are just making a car seat cover smaller.

I removed the extra beads and ran a strong cord around the perimeter. I then attached quick connect buckles to the underside on the PC’s seat and the other end onto the seat cover. I can have it off in just seconds if I start getting waffle butt

I hit it with some Black enamel spray paint to help protect it from the elements and can touch it up as needed. There is enough beads left to make a pillion seat cover for my wife. She loves the stock seat but agreed that they would be nice in the summer or rain.

I will let you know if it’s a keeper once I get some more time on it. So far so good. It holds you securely yet lets you easily reposition. I can feel a slight air wash and know that it will help with heat/ rain. Does feel a bit strange but in a favorable way.

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