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Originally Posted by jon_l View Post
Seems like a likely theory. I try to never let my tank get too empty for that reason, to keep the pump immersed.

I have read this entire thread, and my impression is that fuel pump failures generally aren't catastrophic, but rather, intermittent, and parking the bike for 20 minutes usually results in it starting and running fine (until the next occurrence). So I wouldn't hesitate to go out there on the WRR, and would replace it first sign of impending failure.
Yep I read the whole thing too. I guess one thing would be if it does go out and you are low on fuel, see if you can't get a little more fuel in there from a buddy or aux source, whatever, for cooling, then let it sit for 20 minutes and go. Some people seem to not have the pump completely fail after a few of these episodes so I wonder if you could get away with it w/o buying a new pump if it happened once or twice.

In my case i got a 3.1 gal IMS tank and never let it get much lower than reserve light coming on. That seems to be with 3/4 gallon left or so.
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