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Originally Posted by Crawdaddy View Post
Frequently? No, not now that I have an IMS and Rotopax. But I did run it bone dry out of curiousity with both the stock tank and the IMS.....

Ok, I guess I'm a 100% (a), 10% (b) and 100% (c)

How would I know if it's early 08 vs. late 08? you pick that up from the VIN#?
Thanks for the info. Yeah it is the VIN # last 4 or 5 digits I can't remember. However some people w 09 models and even some with replaced pumps were also getting failures so who knows if that early VIN thing is still valid.

Another hypothesis. Low usable fuel tank capacity + super capable & wildly popular new bike + maybe pump placement in tank leads early adopters to run out of fuel a lot.

I was raised to never let EFI vehicle run out of fuel, so have always been careful with that but maybe the way the pump sits in the tank it is not cooled well or even at all at low levels. Who knows.
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