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I need some help troubleshooting a no-start issue with my 1985 CB700SC. The other day when riding home from work, I stopped to fill the tank about 15 miles from home. The bike had been running flawlessly for the past 30 miles. When I went to restart the engine, I push the start button and nothing happened. The headlight dropped out of circuit, but no click from the starter relay. Everything else worked as it should. I tried to push start, but there were no signs of life.

I have the bike home now and have tried cleaning the start button with electrical parts cleaner. No change. I can jump between the starter solenoid and the + terminal on the starter motor, with the key on and the clutch pulled, only the have the motor crank over but no spark. The Run/Stop switch is in the "Run" position and does not get used.


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