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There was more than one southbound crossing at San Y before??? Except for the hairpin turn just in front of the old crossing, the new one looks fine to me. Is there a problem? Eventually the Gringos will modify their side so we will go straight into the new crossing and it will be just as simple as before......right?
I mention because of the turn that, as the news articles have put it, bottleneck the flow the traffic. It goes from 10 lanes to 2 to 4 to the crossing. And if most of you don't know how mexicans drive, lanes and waiting turns and respect and courtesy mean nothing to most (that you will encounter in border towns). If the old gate is closed, and one arrives during any kind of rush hour, it will be an infuriating exercise in trying to understand how they can act like no one else exists.

Minute 3 of that video is just a speck of what to expect when there is traffic.
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I used to say "one day" a lot. But then I got scared I would wait one day too long. So I am doing it all now
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