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Originally Posted by Rabbot View Post
Not sure if I can do this, but It is way easier then uploading all these to photobucket and then linking. them.

Bought this Honda Trail 90 a month ago Gave it a bath. Frank Bott, the best motorcycle photographer on the planet asked to photograph it and here is the result. The Tittle says 1969 Can anyone shed some light on that?
Pretty sure that's NOT a 1969. The 1969 had a one-year-only airbox that does not have the snorkel tube going up to the rear rack. Really hard to find one in good condition if you're into restoring CT90s and you run into a '69 with a missing airbox.

Here is a picture of a true '69:
Telescoping forks, plastic cover on frame downtube, rear rack, but NO snorkel tube from the airbox going up to the rack.

It's also my understanding that titling year vs. VIN wasn't required in the US until 1974, so a dealer would title a bike in the year it was sold, not (necessarily) the year it was built. The VIN is your best indicator of build date.
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