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crf450r.....Chain stretch. I've put three different chains on it and they all stretch within 2 hours of adjusting them. It wouldn't be that big of a deal except that the knobbies get chewed off the side of the tire. I now have an o-ring chain and it does it too. I know it takes less than a minute to adjust it but I forgot to bring the torque wrench last ride out and had to call off the rest of the day's ride because of it...

Also, if you drop the dirt bike in the soft sugar sand, you will bend a radiator and it will start leaking. Ending your day early. I ended up buying the braces after the second time it happened(shame on me) Come on, though I shouldn't have to drop proof a dirt bike. Braces should come standard.

Not really a flaw but why can't bike manufacturers offer different frame sizes. Like mountain bikes do. I could order my mountain bike with my choice of 5 different frame sizes but if I want a dirt bike, I'm stuck with the one made for little guys. I'm 6'5" and lower pegs, higher bars and taller seat don't really cut it. imo. Call it the crf XL.
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