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Impressive project, and impressive spirit you have, sir. Not much scares me, but the loss of the use of limbs is one thing that does. You've made it clear that one can still participate in the things one is passionate about.

Given that you fabricated your own LL front suspension, this is probably something you know already, and also, I'm writing without going back to refer to construction photos.... anyway, here goes nothing:

There are two factors which affect the anti-dive/pro-dive characteristics of the front end.

First, is how the brake force is fed into the chassis. If the brake caliper is attached to the live element (i.e. the swingarm of the LLF, i.e. unsprung portion) it will have a tendency to extend the suspension (i.e. make it feel stiffer with less dive). If the braking force can be fed directly to the sprung part of the chassis via a link, it will prevent the "binding" feeling when the brakes are applied. Clearly, this only has an effect when the brakes are applied.

Second is the relationship between the axle and pivot. If the axle is below the pivot, it will have anti-dive tendencies, making it feel stiffer. If the axle is above the pivot, it will have pro-dive tendencies, making it feel plusher at the cost of more-easily bottoming. Many LLF had multiple pivot locations to change the behavior. The more above or below the pivot, the more pronounced the behavior.
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