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Originally Posted by rmhrc628 View Post
Whoa there tonto.

I think you might want to check some facts. They are measured lumen. As an engineered product the lupine is still ahead of what bd are doing.

My post was an example of where MTb racing lights are relative to what BD are doing.

I think bd are actually applying a lupine like standard to building LEDs now which can only be a good thing.
MTB light technology, when it comes to desert racing, is meaningless. What is important to us is how far out the light projects. A mountainbiker does not worry about this because it is rare (and often fatal) that a mtb rider exceed 80mph. Todays LED's are pleanty bright (measurement of Lumens, right?) but to get the light far enough so as to not outrun your vision and to avoid a hot spot(s) in the pattern are the concerns I see as important (in addition to reliability/handling characteristics/ease of mounting/weight). That is why you see a the KTM factory bike with HID and LED.
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