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I am glad I found this topic because it confirmed and explained something that bothered me for a while.

When I bought my first bike, I used trail braking instinctively: braking before the turn and slowly releasing the front brake until I couldn't see the exit - and then roll on the throttle. I didn't know what trail braking was or any other technique, I was a complete noob. My riding needed (and still needs) a lot of improvement.

After few months I took a course where they told us that we should not brake under any circumstances while leaning. I practiced that and I could ride that way, but it just felt "wrong", specially on the roads. My friend who adopted this technique (accelerating through the turn) once ran wide in the right turn while riding in front of me, and stopped in a bush by the road. We entered the turn approximately the same speed, he was probably afraid to even touch the brake lever.

My opinion is: in terms of safety, accelerating in a turn is not so safe, because we don't know if will we be forced to react instantly during the turn because of the incoming vehicles and other concerns of the traffic. If I accelerate in a turn, I take the weight and traction of the front tire and it is difficult for me to react abruptly without pogoing the bike. If just a liitle bit more weight is on the front tire, I can change the direction or slow down quickly if I need to avoid something on the road, and the ride feels more relaxed.

Finally, in this topic, I found an explanation for what I thought was good all the time.
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