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Originally Posted by cross-country View Post
MTB light technology, when it comes to desert racing, is meaningless. What is important to us is how far out the light projects. A mountainbiker does not worry about this because it is rare (and often fatal) that a mtb rider exceed 80mph. Todays LED's are pleanty bright (measurement of Lumens, right?) but to get the light far enough so as to not outrun your vision and to avoid a hot spot(s) in the pattern are the concerns I see as important (in addition to reliability/handling characteristics/ease of mounting/weight). That is why you see a the KTM factory bike with HID and LED.
MTb racing lights are where dirt bike tech is getting its ideas from. That is very clear. Lupine has ditched hid as its primary light 2-3 years ago. Look at the Cree u3 LEDs they're using.

MTb tech is very relevant as desert lights adopt to the better light output of LEDs. The driver is weight and light output which are both important for dirt bikes and mtbs.

These German made lights are extreme - at over $1100 for one set they are expensive too.

5 of these lights configured into 1 would be measured 18000 lumens. And about $6000 after fitting.
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