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Originally Posted by Mr.Efficiency View Post
Well, I work out to about $300 an hour and it took me about 20 minutes to order my tools and I tossed them in the bottom of a 40 liter pannier. No worries and about a hundred bucks saved. And I have all my ratchets. All the info is here on the site.
So given you didn't allocate any time to unpacking and filtering all your tools, I guess you didn't take any time to unpack the tools - you just took the box from the UPS driver and tossed it in you pannier. And I'm sure you find it real comforting have all those useless ratchets and their excess weight with you.

And how does your "tool kit" fit under the seat of your bike like the ADV Designs tool kit does? Not everyone wants to drive around with the big panniers attached.

Frankly, your comparison of "equivalency" is beyond ridiculous.

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