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Originally Posted by brtp4 View Post

They do run slightly smaller than other gaernes,.....if you do not size correctly i can see how it could be perceived as a width issue.

That said, they are not as wide as the gaerne balance oiled


Originally Posted by brtp4 View Post

afa waterproof-ness, gaerne's waterproof membrane and their assembly are excellent. We did a submersion test on these a while back, which is at least 30 minutes in standing water, and no leaks. They should be completely waterproof for you

that said, at eight hours of rain, the boot shell will soak, which will draw body heat out of your feet, and may also make condensation inside the wp membrane. In other words, it is possible for your feet to become wet from this, without the membrane leaking, no matter what boot you get, it is a really good idea to put seam sealer on seams and coat the shell with water repellent coating.

Hope that helps.

I thought I’d chime in again, after nearly a year in the G-Midland, and a few years in the Balance Oiled. I agree with Brian's input above, very knowledgeable guy!

I switch between the G-Midland and the Balance Oiled for ‘adventure’ and DS riding.

As stated they both use an “Aquatech” waterproof membrane, and have a lugged sole. They are both very comfortable for all day use and walking / hiking, the Balance being the most comfortable boot I have worn. Either one of these boots could be a “do it all” boot.

As stated, the G-Midland has more protection around the foot, ankle and heal, as a result the ‘G’ is slightly stiffer when new (not a bad thing). I found that the ‘G’ fits slightly tighter and I need to wear a thin sock. Even though the toe box is roomier (width) in the Balance, I found it is easier to get the boot under the shifter on my street bikes, as the toe section is slimmer (height) than the G-Midland. This is easily solved by adjusting the shifter height.

I really like the ‘goodyear welt’ style stitching around the sole, this is a must have boot feature for me. Among other things it helps when hiking up or across hills, because you can dig the boot into the dirt better. Check out a Tech 3 or Tech 7 or tech 10, they all have rounded / molded soles which don’t help at all when trying to climb a hill in the dirt. You will slip and fall on your ass when trying to pick up your bike on a hill.

Another important feature I found, since the Balance is designed as a Trials boot it has a more supportive mid sole (less flex over the foot peg) and the sole is flat, which I really like. This becomes apparent if you stand more than 50% of the time on the bike. I’m not sure if they both have a steel shank, but it sure feels like the Balance does.

Another nice thing is the straps on the SG10, SG12, Balance, and G-midland are interchangeable! I recently broke one on my Balance, and was able to replace it with a spare SG10 strap.

Turns out I like the rain, easier to Spin, Skid and Slide.
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