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Well what's the latest? Anyone putting miles on their trailers?

I just did a 360 mile weekend of back roads, gravel roads, dirt roads and trails.
It did awesome on the trails. No complaints there.
Around town and back roads. Awesome.
Overall it passed and I'm happy with it but,
This was the first time on fresh gravel roads with a loaded trailer. It was quite a
handfull at times. MX tires with 25psi didn't help matters but I could really feel
that 110 lbs. back there swaying behind. Straight line was ok up to 50 mph but
cornering was sketchy. 30 mph and below was manageable. If I could get in the
tracks with no loose gravel I could cook along pretty good.
On the highway sometimes it would fishtail between 55 and 60. Not all the time
but once it started I couldn't stop it. Kinda like a VERY slow headshake. It was
not at all scary but annoying.
I'm going to replace the 35 year old bearings and bushings. Upgrade to taper
bearings in the head tube. Get some shocks with some damping and change the
angle of the shocks to make it softer as I think the bouncing is a lot of my
problem in the loose gravel. Maybe even a steering stabilizer.

When I would rock the trailer I noticed the right mount was rocking where it
seats against the small end of the axle allowing some flex. I made a bushing
that slips over the axle nut and seats against the axle washer. I added a plastic
washer for the trailer to pivot on. This added some stiffness but I think I still
need to triangulate the forward mounts with longer gussets.

A few from the weekend. We hauled a boat load of stuff in and on the trailer.
It was awesome.

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