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After a warm Virginia sendoff by Ken and Deanie, I set off for Knoxville. It was a little bit cold and a little drizzly, but the scenery made up for it.

I arrived in Knoxville on Saturday and I only planned on staying a night. When I arrived there was another Ducati parked in the entrance to the hotel. Turns out one of the guys on staff was a huge Ducati enthusiast, so I got front row parking, too.

I'd never been to Tennessee before (unless you count the airport)--and I think most of us have images of what it--and the people--are like. Wow, was I wrong. Everywhere I went people were friendly and polite. I even heard a 12 year old kid address a woman as "ma'am". Even more shocking was I found a Malaysian restaurant close by. Malay/Singaporean/Indonesian food is difficult to come by even in big cities. The owner had only been in Tennessee for a year, but was doing his best to be an ambassador of some of the best Asian cuisine you can get. Take the aromatic flavors and spice of Thai, the richness of Indian and the diversity of Chinese cuisine and there you have it. So damn good.

Tennessee is awesome. Very friendly folks and great roads, beautiful scenery. I would be pretty happy retiring there.
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