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Originally Posted by 8gv View Post
So I've got my winter bike prep items sitting in the garage waiting for my boat repair to be finished.

-New T63 front tire with tube
-Wolfman front fender tool bag (too much tool weight on the ass end now)
-Fork rebuild kit

Other items:
Go through every fastener on the bike to ensure tool kit is complete.
I may order some bar risers to get up and back about 1"-1.5", cable and brake hose permitting.
I need to order a spare shift lever.
I'll do the oil, filter, a/c and valve check soon.
Chain and sprockets are looking good.
Skid plate has been well tested in Maine.
Maybe I'll bring a pulley to enhance the rescue capability of my emergency rope.

The bike will be ready.

Once we have a date for ROCK therapy, I'll do my best to commit.

What doth thow sayeth, lord Canuman?
I've been hashing this over with AtlasEXP, while he has been avoiding flooding in Brooklyn. I got to ride and chat with Jackpiner57 last weekend. It's actually tempting to slap the bikes on a trailer and get as close to Newfoundland as we can in one big push, so as to have more riding time there. The economics are pretty similar taking a van and trailer as opposed to riding individually. I'm pretty sure that I can get two weeks to do the trip, but others may not have so much time. Realistically, I think that I want to devote as much time to The Rock as possible. Even trailering, I think that will take two days to get to the embarkation point, taking the Sydney to Port Aux Basques ferry.

I think the month of August may offer the best weather. I don't have any doubts about the capabilities of this crew. If we plan well, there are opportunities to reduce weight. For example, there is no need for each person to have a huge tool kit, as long as we all plan ahead and stick together. I think two stoves would be sufficient, and we can plan a cook kit that will allow all of us to eat comfortably in good style.

We probably want to firm up plans as best we can during the winter, and then get together for a couple of rides in the spring or summer to check our outfitting. I'm planning on getting both the DRZ and KLR checked through over the winter. I am confident that I could take the KLR just about anywhere, but I also need to have the valves checked, and do general maintenance on it. The DRZ needs a better headlight and fairing, but I'm addressing that now.

The only thing that concerns me is that I haven't found much information on the availability of fried clams in Newfoundland. I am sure that they can be had, but you'll have to be the point man on that front. I can speak confidently on the topic of both Nova Scotia and New Brunswick mussels, however. If we can get some smoked salmon or smoked eel, I'll be plenty happy. I'd even settle for a delicious fresh herring dish I enjoyed up there some time ago.
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