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HS#2 Strickland Ranch Showdown # 3

...anyway, this weeks stop in the FTR season brings us to just outside Daytona Beach to the Daytona Dirt Riders/Strickland Ranch Showdown # 3. With hurricane Sandy just off the coast anticipation was high concerning how she would effect the weekend...all for naught. A bit of rain on Friday made conditions for the weekend great especially on Sunday with blue skies and cool temps. The course was tight at times with a healthy dose of palmetto's and mud to keep thing interesting. Sat was 7.5 miles and Sunday 11.

Haley's race started with the usual nervous anticipation as she headed off mid pack into the woods. 14th place was the standard throughout the race even after getting kicked off line and having to head between 2 trees that were narrower than her bars..bam! Knocked her head pretty good and sent her to the ground wondering how she got there yet was able to pick the bike back up and soldiered on. After the race her head was hurting pretty good and yet filled with the desire to do better the next race!

Junior C
Place Bike Number Rider Name Bike Brand City, State Points Scored Promotion Points Counted Laps Elapsed Time
1 31 Jake Alsup KTM North Port, FL 50 10 4 1:20:37
2 24 Gabriel Rodriguez KTM Port St Lucie, FL 47 5 4 1:21:44
3 41 Beau Smith KTM Ft. Lauderdale, FL 45 4 4 1:25:08
4 142 Kye Jacobsen Yamaha Daytona Beach, FL 43 3 4 1:26:38
5 78 Logan Branton Yamaha Mount Dora, FL 41 2 4 1:28:33
6 132 Alexaner (Alec) Hermans Yamaha W Palm Beach, FL 40 0 4 1:28:39
7 153 Alyssa Mieszczenski Honda Palm Beach Gardens, FL 39 0 4 1:28:53
8 519 Kieran Thaler KTM Deerfield Beach, FL 38 0 4 1:29:24
9 23 Clay Levell Honda Sarasota, FL 37 0 3 1:07:44
10 218 Cody Weiss Yamaha Oakland Park, FL 36 0 3 1:08:00
11 113 Michael Hague-Rogers Yamaha Port Orange, FL 35 0 3 1:09:53
12 40 Anthony Depietto Yamaha Ft Lauderdale, FL 34 0 3 1:11:03
13 44 Brad Jenkins Honda Fern Park, FL 33 0 3 1:12:50
14 117 Haley Schell KTM Odessa, FL 32 0 3 1:14:57
15 45 Daniel Dlugosz Honda Jacksonville, FL 16 0 2 1:08:59
16 181 Cody Rodrigue Honda Orlando, FL 8 0 1 0:26:16

Sunday dawned with great weather and cautious optimism. The quads had really tore up the softer parts of the course but usually after the practice lap it starts to get a "bike" look/feel to it. The bike fired in one kick but I soon realized I should have probably started in first as I clutched it trying to get it to accelerate in 2nd gear. A 4stroke slid up inside on me so I was 5th heading out to straight near the start.

The first 4 guys start getting away from me. As we start to come up on slower riders from the classes in front but I'm not catching them in the right spots and lose the lead group all together. In the tight stuff I'm sitting to much and working my arms too hard.."hello" arm pump. I try to keep a light grip but sawing the bars back and forth takes it's toll. Out of the corner of my eye I see a flash and #15 Marcelo Dadone (gentlemen I battled with last race) has taken a good line and cut the corner to pass me. Well I know I have to follow him so off he goes with me in tow.

We come up on a slower rider and follow him for what seems forever. I keep waiting for Marcelo to yell at him to move over but he doesn't. I usually won't say anything the first lap especially when guys are battling for position but this rider was by himself and I can feel the guys behind us catching up..I even start yelling hoping the guy will move over. Finally Marcelo gets by and now it's my turn. I catch him in a tight section of single where to get by and Marcelo disappears. Not long after #42 (David McArthur) bonsai's past me..dang this ain't going to plan. Few miles later #42 is down so I roll through lap one back in 6th.
Not long into 2 lap I drop the bike. No big deal but the bars are bent. I stop to straighten them against a tree and the 4 slower riders I just asked to move over and passed are coming back by...sigh. I stop again because the bars not being perfectly straight is driving me nuts (worth taking the time to get them right). Personally I won't ask someone to move over twice for me if I made a mistake that let them back by. I work on re-passing the slower riders and roll through to finish the 2nd lap still in 6th.

3rd lap a few of the Senior B riders who I initially passed are back behind me. I wave them around in case they've found their 2nd wind . #428 (Daniel Aitken) is flying so I tuck in behind. Eventually he heads off into the palmettos and I pass him back. I hear some one behind again and it's #428B again, I wave him around again and have to hustle to keep up. A mile later he's off in the bushes again and I tell him he's looking good as I pass by again..this guy has to be getting tired of picking the bike up..ha!
At one point a look over my shoulder and see #325 (Frank Gamperl) and think "Crap that's Frank I gotta get moving!" We come up on a mud hole that I manage to pick the inside line and miss all together...Frank not so much He said he got stuck so I rolled in to finish 6th for the day. Could have been better, could have been worse, but with 5th/6th place to start the season maybe I have a chance at getting a trophy once in a while.

See you at Bartow!

Super Senior B
Place Bike Number Rider Name Bike Brand City, State Points Scored Promotion Points Counted Laps Elapsed Time
1 24 Don Chriss KTM Orlando, FL 50 10 3 1:42:42
2 212 Kai Ramadan KTM West Palm Beach, FL 47 5 3 1:42:52
3 12 Avo Laido Yamaha DeLand, FL 45 4 3 1:44:02
4 863 Troy Weeks Kawasaki Wauchula, FL 43 3 3 1:45:46
5 15 Marcelo Dadone KTM Aventura, FL 41 2 3 1:46:49
6 117 Troy Stainbrook KTM Odessa, FL 40 0 3 1:47:32
7 325 Frank Gamperl KTM Deerfield Beach, FL 39 0 3 1:48:01
8 42 David McArthur Yamaha Cocoa, FL 38 0 3 1:48:41
9 60 Lou Tunno KTM Boca Raton, FL 37 0 3 1:50:55
10 21 David Davis KTM Lake City, FL 36 0 3 1:55:46
11 664 Mike Veach KTM Tampa, FL 35 0 3 1:57:49
12 8 Levic Allen Honda Valrico, FL 34 0 2 1:17:21
13 35 Daniel Holder Honda Apopka, FL 33 0 2 1:21:27
DNF 46 David Wildner KTM New Port Richey, FL 0 0 0 0:00:00[/QUOTE]
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