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I'm leaving on early next week for a 2-3 month Mexico and Central America trip. I was planning on following IdahoSam and Radioman's route to the bottom of the Copper Canyon, but it looks like it may be difficult to get to Batopilas at this time? Does anyone have a Google Map route link, Google Earth KMZ file or GPS route that they could post to this thread that would outline where the construction is happening and which roads are out of commission? Also, if there is a back way in to the bottom, does anyone know what the status is?

At this point, I was planning on riding from Creel to Cusarare to Samachique to La Bufa and then to Batopilas. I was then planning on coming out through La Bufa and then to Samachique and then to Bajisochi to Rocheachic and then south to Guachochi and then to San Pablo Balleza, etc. Does anyone know the status of these roads? If they are out of commission, can someone please give me a linked together route using cities as waypoints? As a sidenote, I'm pulling the towns from the latest Guia Roji...which is rad by the way.

I was there last week. Main route to Batopilas was not passable - see here or here.

The best way to Batopilas currently seems to be the route from Guachochi through Yoquivo to Batopilas. I didn't ride it, but others have said this is a good route, and I spoke with a Copper Canyon tour van driver at Villa Mexicana in Creel who said it's a good dirt road that they use to get to Batopilas in their tour vans. He said this route takes them about eight hours from Creel in the van - probably faster on a bike. I think it's close to 100 miles of dirt road from Guachochi - I'm sure others have ridden it recently and have better info. Hope that helps.
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