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Originally Posted by jphish View Post
I've tried K&N - on Uly wasnt too bad, but air box was up high where gas tank is found on "normal" bikes. Down lower, as found on tiggers, not so good. Found a lot of fine dust in TB's. I use stock filter with uni-prefilter. Some (or many) may argue against this practice - but on my Girlie, I'd GENTLY knock out dust - then submerge filter in bucket of warm water with a few oz of simple green, soak for 5 mins, then swish around, rinse & let air dry completely. Just like small painting jobs, can accelerate drying time with warm (not hot!), extinguished oven. (provided wife is at work - but she has however, inquired: "Hey - How come the chicken smells like cleaning fluid?"... "I dunno - maybe they dipped 'em in disinfectant at the chicken factory?") Anyway - don't recommend any oiled foam filter as final / only source of filtration.
K&N filters are not "oiled foam" they are a cotton gauze impregnated with oil. Different media. Oiled foam filters are excellent filtration media and work well if properly cared for and maintained. The K&N method is more controversial.
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