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Originally Posted by Megadeus View Post
My bike does have the triangles attaching the motor to the frame at the front. I have the limited ability to fabricate items here at work. Attaching to the centerstand mount is a good idea too since that is a super strong point on the frame for obvious reasons. I'll overhaul the forks and springs rates for the additional weight. I will research fork oil substitutes with higher Extreme Pressure properties to help out the fork slider bushings live a slightly happier life.

Anyone have a leading link front end just sitting around?
Progressive springs will help you, or just preload the existing with some pvc spacers. You're gonna want a fork brace, a billet top plate, or both- that front end will twist. Steering dampener too, and a better front brake (drilled disk, stainless line, soft EBC pads), or look for a dual set-up.

Finding a used LL for your bike will be tough, I bet.
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