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I had many of the same thoughts when I saw someone else's post on another forum. In other words, I cannot take credit for the bag. v1 was a rainy day project only using what I had which was a pair of pants/cord/straps. Here's a list of mods for v2:

1 - I'm pretty slim so numero uno would be a bigger pair of pants, preferably cargo or overalls
2 - Not cutting off the legs and using them as roll closures
3 - Adding some fabric or using overalls
4 - Adjust straps to work with bikes without racks

v1 used drawstrings to close legs and waist. The leg drawstrings also secured the legs to the pegs/frame. Straps with d-rings were used to secure the waist to the bike. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

No matter what, v1 stayed secure and I would not hesitate to use it again.

Originally Posted by The Letter J View Post
You sir, just blew my mind!

Now sew some rain boots to the bottom of the legs and strap them straight to the passenger pegs!

But seriously, what does the top closure look like, roll top or? If you start with a pair of carpenter pants you will get a hammer loop (could be handy for strapping a hatchet or?) and 2 side pockets... or better yet, cargo pants to have small items readily accessible but they won't fly out! A pair of rain pants would make the whole setup waterproof! No problem stuffing tent poles down a 30"+ inseam either!

I already have an assortment of bags for my bikes, but I'm going to see if my buddy will be willing to give it a go on his bike. Should be able to get setup for under $20 with a pair of thrift store pants!

Oohh Oohh! What if you start with a 1 piece mechanics jumpsuit (like the $30 Dickies ones) and just lay the torso back over the rear fender/ rack?! You have seriously got my wheels turning!
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