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Originally Posted by grisezd View Post
I've considered doing this forever. Sketched it up a few times, drew it out on the garage floor. One day...

In my part of Ohio you can get away with anything, but apparently there is an issue with using ATV parts in the front end. Unfortnately that was part of my plan! If I just fly under the radar it's easy, and if I want to get all fancy (apply for a VIN, etc) I'll have to prove I bought everything, show lights and safety equipment, and hope I get the right inspector!!! So under the radar (still legal, but will still have to explain it if I get pulled over) it is.

One thing I will do to keep the VIN in a reasonable spot is to reuse the headtube as the steering column, right behind a steering wheel. Handy, and funny.
I was thinking the same thing about the head tube/steering column as I was getting caught up on the thread lol! just make it so that the vin is plainly visible through the windscreen lol.

In a way doing it that would almost make it just as much of a recumbent as it is a trike, there are kits out there that require no frame mods at all though, just bolt the tub and front end to the frame of the bike and have the steering head right at your back, but I think that way produces kind of a silly wheelbase for something intended to be fast and maneuverable.
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