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Originally Posted by hughrk View Post
Have you fitted your pumper or stuck with the tps cv?
NO not yet the bike was really restriced it had a exhaust that has a cat converter in it an opening that the exhaust had to escape thru a hole no thicker than your finger
the headers are smaller so i ve got on flea bay and found some in the usa hehe and there stainless second hand US 70 bucks plus 50 to ship and just put a staintune slip on at the moment It sounds nice already and has lost that posty bike sound ATM i have a boken leg so im messin with the bike pics to coME
no ride atm which sux even to test the pumper ill get from xrs only they seem the cheapest but that will have to wait until im workin again other wise ill end up in divorce court im gunna give it a go thou i have crazy gearing its a 37 back have to pull the front cover off to see front but this thing pulled 80ks out of second before!!! what that is in miles????? its got 160ks on the clock i reckon it would do that easily BUT for wheelies no chance thanks for the plug info tooo REGARDS Terry
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