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Originally Posted by janeuner View Post
Bought the T28 last night. Played one match in it, where I steamrolled a couple T8 heavies with a pair of lesser TDs guarding my back.

It's a hilarious TD. Folk don't even try to shoot you. They just stand there and take it like a man/fool.
Glad you like it. With the x5 today I had an about 8800 XP game with it. Crappy thing is that I already had the T30 researched and bought by that time... but I ran it all that way without upgrading the tracks, so they will be the last part to research. I found I liked it so much that I kept it when I really needed the extra silver to upgrade the new T30 and Patton. (The T30, so far, does not compare, but then it doesn't have the best parts on it, and it's a new 75% crew)

You two talking about your Pattons and win rates have me depressed. After really assessing all the Pattons I've ever seen - especially those over the last three months as my M26 got closer to researching it - I decided that I don't really want such a paper-thin tank. Problem was that this sale came up and... well... I had it researched, where-as I am no where near having the T-54 researched. So now I own one.

Thankfully owning one coincides with being able to use Gold rounds in it for doubles and such, but it will be a long time until I get the best gun. I used something like 24000 or 27000 free XP to get the tracks on it since it's damned near useless without them (it can't hold a better gun than stock, nor many additional modules like binocs or whatever without the tracks).

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