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Originally Posted by Knute Dunrvnyet View Post
Thank you! I have my trusty TY350 sitting in the garage for lack of a piston replacement.

[It has a second life as a high skool art drawing prompt, teh kids love it.
Ironically, if one could operate a 2stroke internal combustion engined vehicle in a public institutions building:
I could ride the thing up the stair around the landing up the stair to teh art room; but I have to drain the gas, stick in teh elevator, and walk it down the hall, after hours. [RR to come, lol.]

Sources / availability for TY250 piston / cylinder retrofit replacement???

Beats the bike just sitting in skool as a stinkin' still-life.

Thanks to any posts!
Piston and Engine parts ... for the TY 250 mono: no problem in Europe, the 350 wasn't much sold in Europe here parts for this model are not so easy to get.

To the question between the TY250 mono and the TY350 mono made in the mid 80's to end 80's.

If you can get the 250cc TY mono, the 250cc is for putting around but also for really challenging obstacles miles better.

The 350cc engine might have more grunth but it doesn't feel so, the 250cc engine is much more related to the throttle then the 350cc, still soft as most bikes of that era but will build up momentum and power really quick if in need while the 350 engine - due to the bigger masses - not have got in the "stockings" while the 250cc is already in boots.

As a hint all championship and from Yamaha equipped riders rode the 250cc in Europe:

The first minute are related to Bultaco, but then (remaining 3 minutes) the same rider (Charles Coutard) on the 250cc Yamaha mono.
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