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Originally Posted by TomN View Post
Well I could not find anyplace in my yard to set my hammock up so I rigged up some 2x4s for support in my garage. Wife is not real big on it but man have I take some great naps the last few days, I get into a real deep sleep real fast in that thing.
Hey Tom,
I can recommend a DIY portable stand shown on The Turtle/Dog stand can be made from 6 2x2's, a length of chain link top rail and some hardware. Two gate hinges are used to create two tripods and the top rail becomes a compression member, holding the hammock out to full length. Many report that the stand can be made for ~$50 us.

I made mine from 2x3's that I had on hand from a shed project. I cut the legs down to 6.5' to give me a good floor to hammock height when getting in/out. I vary in weight from 225 to 250 depending on the season and it holds me just fine. If you want to make the stand car portable, you cut the top rail in half and use the swaged ends for the center connection. It's not motorcycle sized but will work well for a temporary hand in the back yard.

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