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Originally Posted by scoprire View Post
I've had good luck getting individual stainless bolts from High quality bolts, great selection too. He has kits for some bikes, but a separate page for individual sizes.

Make sure you use anti-seize on them for sure when steel on stainless or stainless on stainless. I am not sure about aluminum. Seems when the bolts/nuts are threaded together the scraping of the surfaces causes some removal of a material that surfaces to avoid corrosion, then the material will bond together - aka sieze up. My brother used stainless for a nut/bolt pinch clamp on a Betor fork axle clamp. They seized and he had to snap the bolts to get them off.

I'd certainly check on the aluminum/stainless reaction to be sure. Here's Fastenal's take on it.

Here's another expert's take from an expert in the industry based on what I've found on a net search, Joe Greenslade.
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