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Originally Posted by Josephvman View Post
You should have asked him why Ducati can't make a fuel tank that will last more than a couple of years.

Or a sportbike engine that isn't failing main bearings. Or chrome flaking off rockers. Or popping voltage regulators. You know, like these are all 'scientifically designed and new technology'.

Then again, BMW has their fair share of issues, as do any OEM. It's been posted that you need to do your research before tolerating a dealer like the OP has. Know what you're getting into, and know the possible mods and upgrades which may be needed.

On the riders themselves, to be honest we all have to admit there's a weird and interesting divisiveness between US/European/sportbike/cruiser crowds. What I think we all agree upon is the uneducated, blindly stereotypical nature of some riders. Squids are just as much a pain in the ass with an open I4 header as Harley riding pirates sometimes. BMW riders and their astronaut / conspicuity suits populating Starbuck$. Dual sport guys looking to jump a fence when they get a chance. Chopped cafe bikes and the hipster 50s groove. Nothing wrong with the 'look' of any of them but some also draw unnecessary attention because of their actions. Comes back to common consideration for everyone.
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