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I cannot praise my local Kal Tire high enough. Always fixed my flats for free, even on tires I did not buy there. Felt guilty a couple times and went next door to drop some beers on their counter.

Drove my minivan up/down all them big passes for 3 years on cheaper winter tires, Artic Claws??? were just fine for the first couple years, third year was getting scary. Not very good them when they are down to 50% thread.But still good as a summer tire altough I don't drive in the summer much.

My sister had one of them Caravans back east, where there is actually a winter. Having driven that vehicle there in the winter, found out that they do need good winter tires. Maybe something to do with the vehicle design, my GM seems to have way better traction and handling on winter roads. Dunno....only good thing about that GM anyway. May be different when the suspension wears out, getting there at not much mileage.

Back to my local Kal Tire, bought a set of Blizzaks from them last year.The price wasn't much more than "cheaper" brands such as "Artic Claw". Maybe overpaid a little but just last week free switchover, TPMS reset, and courtesy brake checks etc...etc. They even let me hang around and check the brakes with them. All good that, just replaced them brakes last year and they don't seem to rot as fast as the GM OEM parts.

Was a little too wet and too busy to do my own switchover, off to Kal Tire where I found out that was free.I did not even know that, should have read the paperwork. Now why did I do it myself last spring, the old bones don't like doing that anymore.

A couple years ago, woke up in Victoria with over 6" of snow on my van. Was all fine driving early, but once the traffic packed it in I couldn't go anywhere safely. Made it to work, parked the van for a month and bought Blizzaks not much later on.Very impressed by them.
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