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So, how's that for 'European engineering prowess'?
About par for the course.

Every eurobike enthusiast has a litany of excuses or sidestepping "hey, is that Sasquatch?" responses to these problems.
The general population of motorcyclists find this kind of failing intolerable at the price point and difficulty often presented in parts sourcing.

But if you pick a machine that's built by a reputable company, you bear accusation of having a "soulless" machine.

Or a sportbike engine that isn't failing main bearings. Or chrome flaking off rockers. Or popping voltage regulators. You know, like these are all 'scientifically designed and new technology'.
"but, but, but... tradition... blahblahblah..."

Meanwhile Honda and Kawi and Suzuki and Yamaha have continue to hang in there and build legendary machines without weird tech and problems. Back in the early 90's when I got into wsbk and owned a Ducati 900 (that I loved like a great pair of c-cups), it was a real head scratcher that Kawasaki could pwn Ducati's proprietary technology with simpler and more efficient to produce machines. Some things never change. I know it's a Ford vs Ferrari thing. But, I have little patience for excuses manufacturers give about recurring problems across decades and various models.
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