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jackd, just to further the point I was making (and thanks to Sunday Rider for the link to the APA reports) CR rated the Yokohama Geoland i/T G072 tire as better than average in both dry and wet road braking, much better than average in snow traction and average in ice braking. Compare that to the Michelin Latitude X-ice x12 tire rated at much better than average in snow traction and ice braking but worse than average in dry and wet braking. So in my case I would lean towards the Michelin but I suspect your application would be more the Yokohama as your are driving predominantly on wet as opposed to snow covered roads. Having said all that these two tires scored equally over all in the CR rating system as they had pros and cons in other categories which to me aren't as critical. For instance the Yoko's scored much worse than average while the Michel. scored much better than average in the rolling resistance category (I interpret that as taxing on mpg and premature wear) but I'm not a high mileage driver so those scores don't hold as much weight in my decision. You being a commuter may look at that differently.
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