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Puke Redditch Bullett 500

Hm. - just joined - very confused...
I own an genuine 500 1953 RE "competition" -equipped with a quite rare 1954 "Short Circuit Comp" motor - with a somewhat "free" exhaust, together with a 30 mm Amal carb.
Its geared "for the road + some greenlaning" - with one toothe more on the outgoing gearbox sprocket.
Measured by a very precise GPS - this bike shifts at 130 Kmph - in fourth gear, with the motor turning over by 4900 revs.

Topspeed in the region of 140 Kmph.
When riding abroad (Swedwen - Germany) I often use "motorways" (speedlimit= 130 Kmph) - not because I like it, just because of convenience...
My bike can sit at 120 Kmph for hours - no sweat - and it still has the old valves and seats!
(I use "lead" substitute from "Castrol")

Gas mileage at "motorway speeds approx 17-18 Kilometer per liter 95 inleaded - at 80 Kmph approx 25 kilometers per litre.
July 2013 - I go to Italy, to drive in the Dolomite mountains.
Only planned "mod" - a set of "High powered" oil pumps from Hitchcock" in the UK, together with a valve grind, and a 0.5 mm head gasket, to increase compression a bit...

This bike has been SUPER reliant - but I hear that some of the Indian produced bikes dont like motorways - burn the valves?
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