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Originally Posted by kraven View Post
About par for the course.

Every eurobike enthusiast has a litany of excuses or sidestepping "hey, is that Sasquatch?" responses to these problems.
The general population of motorcyclists find this kind of failing intolerable at the price point and difficulty often presented in parts sourcing.

But if you pick a machine that's built by a reputable company, you bear accusation of having a "soulless" machine.

"but, but, but... tradition... blahblahblah..."
I agree wholeheartedly. Ducati's been especially guilty of this in recent years. Offer a V twin that doesn't have adequate fueling below 4000 rpm? Are you serious, Ducati? On a 20k bike? Have ballooning tanks from a bad material spec then disown your involvement? It's not like you can just run out and get a replacement Al or metal tank from Tucker Rocky. The Panigale from what I see has a few teething pains as well. But as you noted, 'it's Italian! It's the quirks you put up with for exclusivity!'

All OEMS have issues, I'm just picking on Ducatis as I'm more familiar with them.
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