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Show us your Raised DR650

I recently started a thread asking if the DR650 would suit a tall guy , 6'3" who wants a more offroad bike as I am trying to decide what way to go a modded DR650 or something like the KTM 690 enduro.

Concensus seems that the DR650 works well with some mods. KTM 690 and other euro dual sports are taller and have great suspensions out of the box but I don't need all of the performance they offer, also they are pricey. Also I will still need to mod a KTM 690 substantially for my purposes, larger tank, small windshield or fairing, better seat. The only difference really mod wise with the DR650 is that would also need to upgrading the suspension on the DR.

I don't like the low chassis setup stock and have been reading about the DR650 suspension mods that have been done to raise the bike and improve the suspension. If I go the DR650 route is there a relatively straightforward assembly approach to upgrading the front forks, rear suspension, and raising the bike ?
I am not talkin just seat build up. I don't want to get into major machining exercises etc. looking for bolt up changes but this will be a winter project that part doesn't bother me .
I searched on raising links, there seems to be different info, some says its possible to install others say they don't fit. Also I see the 18" wheel upgrade as a good method to raise a little.

So what I am thinking is :
Replace front fork with offroad forks - which one ?
Replace rear shock - which one ?
Raising link and 18" rear wheel ? Do I need to do both ?

I would greatly appreciate it if people who have done similar, could post pics of their bike and describe what they did.

If they could point me to links or bild threads that would great also.

Thanks !
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