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That bike is almost an exact copy of mine, with only minor differences. I find the riding position absolutely perfect for me, at 6' 220, with a 34" inseam. It's like sitting in a recliner, or riding a recumbent bicycle when you put something on it to lean back against. And if you need a change of position, the passenger pegs are in the perfect place for the rider to use.

I love the way it looks. It's a cruiser, but not a Harley copy. It is a 1985 design. It has about every feature you could possibly put on a motorcycle. Unlike todays v-twin cruisers, this thing has power. Not just torque, but top end power as well. it has an 8500 rpm redline, and pulls strongly all the way to the top. it's more of a sportbike motor than a cruiser.

The motor, as well as it works, is my one complaint about the bike. The motor is more complicated than a Swiss watch. It is a 55 degree single crankpin design, with a counterbalancer. Since it is Japanese, I don't understand why they didn't use offset crankpins, and eliminate the balancer. It has 4 cam chains, 4 cam chain tensioners, 8 valves, 4 plugs, 2 carbs, hydraulic lifters, liquid cooling, and a very complex and convoluted intake and exhaust system. It is an engineering masterpiece, but an absolute nightmare to work on. Fortunately, if you leave it completely stock engine wise, it rarely ever needs to be worked on. My 150,000+ miles on 2 of them with no problems but the upper cam chain tensioners, which are known to be defective, is pretty much proof of that. They were replaced with manual tensioners that work fine.

It is also known for stator failures, but I don't really think it has any more stator failures than any other bike, it's just that you have to pull the engine to replace the stator, so when it happens it is a big deal. 4 cylinder Goldwings have the same reputation for stator failure, probably for the same reason.

The only other bike of this size I can see being as good at touring would be the long gone Yamaha Virago 750/1100. I don't think Yamaha had a clue what they had when they replaced these great bikes with the V-Stars. The Kawasaki Vulcan 800 and 900 have the same problem. Lack of comfort, and lack of features. I certainly would not go touring on a bike with tube type tires and no centerstand.
I won't spend more on a bike than I think it's worth, but if it's a good deal, I don't seem to have a problem buying bikes I don't need.
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