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Originally Posted by Mr_Gone View Post
I've been slogging through all the threads mentioning the Klim Badlands jacket, and saw that you bought one. I am very seriously considering buying one of these jackets, and was wondering if you would be willing to share what you think about the jacket.

How's it holding up? Comfort?

Also, I've heard that it's pretty heavy — hence the kidney belt — how heavy is it?

Any thoughts / impressions / suggestions / rants would be appreciated before I drop $900 on a jacket.
Fwiw, I've had mine about a year now, maybe more?

It's holding up very well. I've had to wash it a couple of times (mud) and it's been well-used off road and on. When clean, it still looks brand new. No fraying of anything, all the velcro still sticks like, well, velcro.

Comfort: The only thing I found uncomfortable at first was the collar. It was kind of stiff and annoying. Now that it's broken in (which took about two weeks) it's very, very comfortable.

I don't think it's more heavy than any other well-made jacket. I certainly don't notice it weighing much when I'm wearing it. All well-made jackets seem heavy if you just pick them up. The question is whether they feel heavy when you're wearing it. Compared to my old BMW RP2 or my Aerostitch, when I'm wearing it the Badlands feels lighter.

I don't think the kidney belt is for weight, it's for comfort and to keep the back armor in place. Could be wrong on that though. However, I will say the kidney belt is one of my favourite features as it keeps the jacket in place and aligned so the jacket seems to move with you.

My only gripe is that the waterproof zippers make it tough to work the venting while riding. I can undo the sleeve vents (or zip them up) while riding. Usually, I can un-zip the pit zips while riding too. But no way in hell can I zip the pit zips up while riding and sometimes can't even un-zip them.

Considering that's my only gripe with the jacket, I'd say Klim nailed it.

Oh, one last thing. If I was building the ultimate jacket, I would take the Badlands and add the Adventure jacket's inner harness and waterbladder pocket. Although the harness is a bit much for daily commuting, it is easily removed and unecessary when you're not using the bladder. But I really preferred the Adventure set up to wearing a Camelbak or Kreiga when riding with the Badlands as they sort of hinder the airflow in the jacket. You listening there Klim?
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