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Originally Posted by geg View Post
there was a rumor about "someone" shifting the onboard oil & using it to change the balance in the car (RBR?)

so Vettel is stopped on track.... pit lane start would make it more interesting. Alonso doesn't seem to have the car for the job so far
Yeah, Ferrari is 3rd best team right now. I agree, a pit lane start would spice things up greatly. Vettel didn't help his team's potential to tell a lie when he said he wasn't aware of a problem with the car. One assumes Red Bull, like McLaren before them, were worried about the fuel level.

I enjoyed watching Vettel stuff it into the wall in Q1. Sadly, he didn't break anything.

I'm not sure how the FIA worded their ruling that cars must never have all 4 wheels go over the paint. At Yas all cars, on all laps, are leaving the track entirely. Hmmm.

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