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I just kinda sorta got a free xBox with Kinect!

Longer version... A few years ago I had bought a pretty decent GPS for my wife to use in her car. For some unknown reason I bought the 4 year warranty as well (I rarely buy extended warranties, they often are a waste of money). Well, 3 years and 11 months later the GPS will not work anymore. So I took it back to Best Buy where I had bought it expecting to have to get another GPS. I picked one out, but before getting it I just happened to ask the CSR if I had to get another GPS, or if I could get anything of "equal or lessor value". Really, I do not need a stand alone GPS in the car anymore. Google Maps works perfectly fine off my phone. Luckily, after speaking with the manager they said I could get anything! So, since my old first generation 360 got the RRoD about 6-8 months back, I picked up a new slim model with Kinect!

Now to reactivate my xBox Live account...
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